For over 21 years Moradi Law Group has provided experienced and trusted legal representation to all kind of workers in California. This full-service litigation firm provides unmatched legal services with personalized attention to the accident’s details to fully comprehend and win your workers’ compensation case. Moradi Law Group is committed to the ethical practice of the law, and will devote the required amount of attention and energy into studying the accident’s circumstances in order to build a solid case and get you the maximum possible compensation.
Moradi Law Group is devoted to providing you excellent service and successful results for all our clientele.

Meet Attorney
Leeora Moradi

Leeora Moradi is the lead attorney and principal at Moradi Law Group. Mrs. Moradi has successfully represented countless workers compensation’s clients for the past 21 years. She is known for her fierceness in court and her restlessness when handling complex cases; She is not only a renowned lawyer but also a family person who understands the importance of integrity and values in society. She always goes the extra mile for her clients and ensures a fair outcome in all her cases.

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